Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dept. of Subtle - Can't Get Rid of Parameter Value - Project Browser Sorting

This one came up the other day when we were reviewing a view list schedule. They were sorting their views, in the Project Browser, using their own project parameter called View Class, assigned to Views. The intended syntax for the users to follow is: ## - VIEW CLASS VALUE. Initially a value of "02 - Plans" was used, among others, and then a new one showed up: 02-Plans. A subtle difference, just no spaces around the dash.

The team never really gave it much thought, opting to keep moving forward on the project. When I was asked about it my answer was, "A view is assigned/using it." The response was, "No we've fixed all the views already but it won't go away!". We checked again using a view list and sure enough the rogue value wasn't being used.

That's when it occurred to me that a view parameter is stored in View Templates. In fact a view template is the reason the value keeps popping up every now and then in a view's properties. We cleaned template after template, the project had quite a lot of them. Moral of the story? Remember View Templates! They capture view related data too!

A video might tell this better so check it out. I've also embedded it here to listen and watch.

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Erik said...

Aha! View Templates. Thanks alot. :)