Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Autodesk University Virtual - Four Free Premier Passes

I have four three two one complimentary Premier Passes to AU Virtual 2009. They are a $99 value if you want to attend and nobody from your company is attending in person. Autodesk is giving a complimentary pass or two to each attendee of the real deal.

My dilemma do I give away my four free passes? Do I run a video competition like the one that Laura did? Do I ask for letters stating why you should get one? Do I just give them away to the first four people who send me a six pack of...? Must mull this over. Open to suggestions...feel free to comment.

Update 11/02/09
All handed out! Guess it worked itself out. I hope that the people that got them will enjoy AU Virtual! I also hope they get to go to AU next time!


Steve said...

And then there were three. An out of work friend wrote asking for one and I felt compelled to give her one.

Steve said...

And then there were two...another out of work colleague who could benefit from it.

Steve said...

And now there is one. I gave number three to another out of work individual. I hope that these make the transition easier!

Steve said...

Gave out the last one to another colleague that is between jobs! I didn't realize I knew so many, bummer!