Monday, October 12, 2009

Curtain Wall - Corner Butt Glazing Condition

I received an email from a client today asking about this situation and I thought it was a good opportunity to see if my voice would hold up for a brief video. I've been trying to shake a throat focused "cold" for a couple weeks now. Working through it hasn't helped clear it up.

I posted the new video about this HERE.

The essence of the tip is to create your own butt glazing "mullion" to stand in for the glazing compound that would really be there. You can duplicate the stock 5"x 5" Corner Mullion type, provide a new Offset parameter, define the Material as Glass, Match the left and right corner panel dimensions in the Depth 1 and Depth 2 parameters.

You place this mullion type at the corner of two curtain walls and you'll end up with something like this image.

If you want to, you can listen and watch right here below now.


Anonymous said...

Great little trick that - sure beats having a CW Panel with Left & Right Options.

DaveP said...

Shoulda posted yesterday.
I was going to brag about how we solved this issue using a Panel with Left & Right Options.

Unknown said...

I prefer to change the panels to a Basic Wall - Glass Material and play with the wall joins.

This way you don't have any visual anomalies on plan or elevation (duplicated lines etc).