Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Worksets and Purge Unused

Today an adventurous Revit user thought he'd use Purge Unused unsolicted. This during a day long excursion into the workset environment with fourteen concurrent users. We discovered this when I gave the gang the task of sketching some interior partitions on "their" floors and we were a bit surprised to find only three walls in the project. So I casually commented that could only happen if someone chose to delete them or use Purge Unused. At this point one of our gang volunteered, "oh I did that!". Much laughter and conversation ensued between the rest of us.

To fix the problem of missing stuff, we used Transfer Project Standards. That's when bumped into the next issue or gotcha.

If you create new elements in your local file while someone else uses Purge Unused in their local and they STC (Save to Central) first, guess what happens to your stuff.

It goes away! That's what!

Logical and consistent with the existing relationship of local files and central file. However it seems to me that Purge Unused ought to be a bit "smarter" or disabled except under special circumstances like working in a central with no other users or no other uses while in a local perhaps.

It was a first for me, nobody has used Purge Unused before without first asking about the feature. Remaining "half full" it's better that it happened during a training session than on a live project!


Anonymous said...

What if you open one of the backup files of the central file (detach from central, of course)...save that as a new central file (new name, of course) - and then tries to do the good ol' transfer project std?


Steve said...

Should work as long as the wall styles we need are in the file which as an earlier version of the same project they ought to be.

In this case we were working with a pretty generic project template so it didn't much matter.

Ed said...

Logical or not, surely it should warn the user this was going to happen? Or like you say, be a little smarter.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have revit mep 2011, halfway through the project someone purged the drawing. Now I only have half of my families. I have tried to reload them, which did not work. Is there any way possible to load my family back into the drawing without having to start over??

Steve said...

Loadable (component) families that have been purged can easily be reloaded. Easy is one thing, time consuming is another. It will be easy but it will take time.

System Families can in some cases be acquired by using Transfer Project standards and if that isn't viable by copy/paste from one project to another.

You can also use another file or template to recreate elements that use the missing stuff and then copy/paste them into your project, just to acquire them.

Good luck!

Steve said...

Sorry I should have included this bit for the third option. You can also open a older version of your project file (using Detach from Central is using worksets, or using the Restore Backup feature to find an older version to start with). Once you get a file open you can copy/past the missing elements to your current project.

Noah Carbulon said...

We have a workshared environment with about 30 users(3 offices). I had thought about doing this right after our daily 3am backup file had been created. Would this cause a problem for other users coming in fresh the nnorning (7am) if I was to do this at say 3:30am? We are in a Revit Server 2013 environment, so I'm not sure if that would add any additional complications into the mix...

Steve said...

As long as no other users are actively working on the project using a local file you ought to be fine. Make sure they create new local files instead of continuing to use a previous local file when they come in.

That written I personally think Purge Unused is NOT a good idea on an active project unless you are very careful about what categories and family types remain selected when you click OK.

It is too easy to purge things the team has just not used yet.