Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Resize - Repeat Scale

You can always learn from students. While discussing the Resize tool a student asked if they could do "something", in other words..would "xxx" work...or do what she expects. Well truthfully I had never thought to do it and I said that I thought it should so we tried it and it worked! want to know what it is?

When you use the Resize Tool (Graphical Option), Revit remembers the ratio of the change and it displays it on the Options Bar. If you use Resize again you can change the Option to Numeric and click a reference point on screen and whatever is selected will resize by the same amount.

In this instance we were resizing three copies of the original image in several views. We could have pasted new copies of the first item, correctly resized, but since they were already positioned "correctly", using resize on the same reference point meant they'd all resize and be in the correct spot without any extra work.

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