Monday, July 14, 2008

Egress Family - Arc Version

I've added a new segment that permits sketching an arc segment. The path length is derived from trigonometric formulas and is "close" enough for its purpose, I assume. You'll have to decide for yourself if you choose to use it.

Thanks to Mr. Raiz for the formula I needed to do the calculation. It is setup to use as a middle segment as I assume that it probably wouldn't be used to start or end. Arbitrary assumption perhaps. The "hard part" (meaning time to work it out is short right now) is getting the arrow to point in the correct direction relative to the arc.

To download the new 2009 version CLICK HERE 2009.
To download the new 2008 version CLICK HERE 2008


madzilla said...

Looks like a pretty neat trick, thanks.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, but the download did not work for me, said that "seek failed on c:\........Egress2009.rvt". Working in Revit 2008.

Steve said...

The 2009 version won't work in 2008, I've uploaded a 2008 version. Try again.

Robert said...


Should he be able to just do a formula that determine the tangent angle the arrowhead should be at with regard to the arc? With the trig you're doing already for the arc itself, it should be possible to determine the correct tangent.


Anonymous said...

got it! thanks!