Monday, July 07, 2008

STRUG-OC Revit Structure User Group - Orange County

I attended the second meeting for this group last Wednesday night. I tried to attend their first meeting but I arrived one day late, on time but wrong day. I have no excuse except "knucklehead syndrome".

This meeting was a nearly full room of 20 and hosted by the Irvine office of KPFF and Avan Amalsad was the "hostess with the mostest". She ran a smooth show marred only by some "EyeTee" meeting jitters, a computer that wouldn't cooperate for a bit followed later by the third presenter's PC offering only the "blue screen of death". This second item struck Daniel Hebert with U.S.CAD but he was equal to the task quickly assembling an alternate model to do his discussion on the Copy/Monitor features.

Avan discussed some Revit basics and then spent some time covering using legacy details in a Revit project.

Margarito Garcia, CAD Modeler with Thornton Tomasetti gave a short and sweet run down on scheduling features. I think he whetted the attendees appetite for more so I bet he gets an encore at another meeting so he can go deeper into the subject.

Avan Amalsad found an ally in Ed Tallmadge of Kelar Pacific LLC to start this user group. He also started a group in San Diego called STRUG-SD.

Thanks to the KPFF staff who setup the room and stayed late to rebuild it as well as the firm's management for permitting the group to meet on site regularly. Be sure to show your support and attend the next meeting if you can. They meet on the first Wednesday of each month. If you'd like to contact Avan, just let me know and I'll pass your info along to her.

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