Thursday, July 10, 2008

Save or Options or Options or Save?

Called me confused...RAC 2009 has changed the Save button location on me and well...everyone. I'm not sure how many times I've opened the Options dialog in the file Save or Save As dialog thinking I was clicking Save. I guess this means that I've been "Pavlov Dogged"?

Here's the RAC2008 dialog: (note the location of the SAVE button)

Here's the RAC 2009 dialog: (note the location of the Options button)

I realize this should be in the Dept. of Subtle but was this REALLY NECESSARY? I'm sure I'll adjust eventually. The new dialog box is also a bit larger than the previous one in that it has a minimum size that is smaller than the minimum size of the older on.


JTB World said...

In my opinion they should have moved options to the left of the Save button but with more margin between than between Save and Cancel. Then the ComboBoxes could be wider as well.

Steve said...

To me the current dialog format seems a little chaotic...positioning and alignment is awkward.