Friday, July 04, 2008


I visited my old boss at WATG yesterday for lunch, Jim Balding. He showed me a piece of technology they have been using for some time now. It is called VisionStation and it is made by elumens. They acquired it from eon Reality.

Here's a screen capture from the website I visited:

It is technology aimed at providing a way to "experience it before you build it"
At first glance it looks like a satellite dish without the electronics at its focal point. A PC runs the show through a projector with a special lens hidden in a desk. It is really a pretty simple setup.

I managed to get "stuck" in a wall at one point and Jim said that it is possible to configure the model to prevent going through walls and such but the model I was working in wasn't. Eventually I got out of my predicament.

It was pretty interesting and I could see how a client might get jazzed about a proposal after visiting it this way. Thanks for sharing it with me Jim!

I took a couple pictures of it with Jim and while I was using it but the image at their site was so much better than my camera work I opted to use it instead.

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