Friday, July 11, 2008

Nik Kershaw - Off Topic

Back in the early 80's Nik made the charts with a song called "Wouldn't it be Good". At least that's when I became familiar with his music. He sported the spiky hair typical of some artists back then. Today it is a bit less, he looks like he could be a Revit user even. Reminds me a little bit of David Light, its a compliment David! You be the judge? Nik...then David...David's a younger version?

The point is that Nik has continued to make music over the years even though he has all but vanished from the charts. Apparently a lot of musicians have discovered that they can make a comfortable living by focusing on their true fans. I read an interesting (to me anyway) article on this subject by Seth Godin and he linked to other writers that discuss this in depth.

If you remember his music and lost touch with his work then I invite you to revisit, get reacquainted. If you never heard of him I suggest you check him out. If you are fortunate enough to live in the UK you can still catch him perform live. There are albums available via iTunes in the USA and the UK iTunes (it has different options in the UK which I wish I could purchase, subject of another blog post). You can also get some of his work via The Store for Music (UK)

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Unknown said...

Hi Steve, LOL, I've been called many things in my time, but can't remember being refered to as Nik Kershaw look a like! So this is a first. However, taking a look at the pictures again, you've got a good point. :-)