Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Visibility Post Summary

This is a collection of posts regarding visibility in a general sense. They are either literally about visibility issues and features or somehow related to "seeing" things.

2015 Temporary View Templates
2013 Stacking Views on Sheets
2013 Elements are not Displayed or Missing (Troubleshooting guide)
2013 Text Editing and Zooming
2013 Workset Visibility and Linked Files
2013 Linked Files and Visibility Graphics
2013 Visibility Graphics Dialog and Using Current View Only
2013 Apply Versus Apply and View Templates
2013 Revit 2014 Schedules Pending Gotcha
2013 Fittings do not Look Right
2013 Why Use So Called Working Views
2013 View Discipline

2012 Applying Visibility Graphics Overrides
2012 Filter Pesky Levels
2012 Linked Files have Instance and Type Parameters
2012 Hide those Connectors
2012 View Range Redux
2012 Visibility Pecking Order
2012 Scope Boxes
2012 Color Fill Legends Mixing with Stairs

2011 Printing with Temporary Hide Isolate
2011 Revit Links as Underlays
2011 Control Visibility of Image via Size Parameters

2010 Managing Visibility of Linked files
2010 Workset Visibility in Linked Files
2010 Guide Grids
2010 Smaller Grids in Large Scale Views

2009 Video Four View Range Top Offset
2009 How View Range Affects Various Views
2009 Where did my Mass Go

2008 OK and Apply
2008 Aaah the old Invisible Line Trick eh 99

2007 Sketch Lines and Visibility Graphics
2007 visibility of Grips
2007 Shaft Opening and View Range
2007 Future Phases

2006 Workplane Visibility Tips
2006 Workset Visibility in Linked Files
2006 View Range and Floors


damianserrano said...

Hi Steve, do you have any resources on visibility of objects modeled in the conceptual massing environment? We have some complex families modeled with adaptive components and once you load them in the project it's not that clear how you can turn on/off the divided surfaces, meshes, nodes, etc. Thanks.

Steve said...

Adaptive Points - V/G > Annotation Categories (Lines, Planes, Points)
Mass > V/G Model Categories (Form, Gridlines, Nodes, Pattern Fill, Pattern Lines, and others)

Some elements define their own visibility behavior in the family itself like points and their workplane visibility.