Monday, January 06, 2014

Double Up on Keyboard Shortcuts

This is lifted from the RFO Tips and Tricks forum and a contribution by Mark Balsom. He's reused the same letter combinations to deal with starting and finishing sketch based elements. For those who are unaware (or not) you can assign the same shortcut keys combination to more than one command.

For example, assign EE to EDIT "...x..." as in Edit Boundary and Edit Profile for example. Keep in mind we can just double click on sketch-based elements to accomplish the same thing now (in 2014).

You can do the same with FF for FINISH instead of clicking the Green Check Mark.

You can do the same with CC to CANCEL instead of clicking the Big Red X.

In use it looks like this:
  • Select a floor, type EE (Edit Boundary), type FF when you are finished
  • Select a wall, type EE (Edit Profile), type FF when you are finished
  • Select a roof, type EE (Edit Boundary), type FF when your are finished
  • ...or if you decide to cancel the current sketch based editing session, type CC (Cancel "...x...")

Here's an extra tip
You can also Cycle through (review and select one) all the available commands that are associated with the first letter of a keyboard shortcut. Type a letter and look at the Status Bar. Revit shows the first command associated with that letter. In this image you can see what happened when I type Z.

Use the left/right arrow keys to Cycle through any other commands that also share that first letter. It cycles through (displays the commands) them in alphabetical order.

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get the exported keyboard shortcut list so that it may be imported into Revit 2013/14 ?