Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Concrete Railings and a Newel Post

I wrote about some concrete railing and balusters in 2008, maybe you remember seeing this image? It's one of several in that post.

I neglected to post a copy of the newel post family. It was a separate family that I just placed so I could sketch railings between them. Over the years I've been asked to share it but until today I couldn't find it. I stumbled across it while looking for something else I made years ago, they were in the same folder though I'm at a loss for why. Regardless I've added it to the list of samples to download in that post and it can be downloaded right here too.

Download the Newel Post (83.5 KB)


Peter Smith said...

Thanks for sharing this

Unknown said...

can you upload this file again please

Steve said...

An update to the hosting site for my website (AEC Advantage) has messed up all of the downloads on my site. I've just got to get the time to go through and fix it all. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Steve said...

I've fixed the path to the download, it should work now.