Saturday, January 04, 2014

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Book is Available

Ken Marsh published his first book dedicated to Autodesk' Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2013 (it's also the first book for it). He intends it to be your essential introduction to its features, functions, and workflow. He's confident that you will be able to master the tools you'll need to make Robot work for you.

Some of its highlights include:
  • Demystify the interface
  • Manipulate and manage Robot tables like a pro
  • Learn how to use Robot's modeling tools
  • Master loading techniques
  • Harness Robot automated load combinations
  • Decipher simplified seismic loading
  • Discover workflows for steel and concrete design
  • Gain insights to help troubleshoot issues
He's prepared easy guided exercises to help get you up to speed quickly.

Ken is a structural engineer and was, until recently, the Revit Structure Quality Assurance Analyst at Autodesk. He works hard to be a champion of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. In addition to writing this book he is currently working to promote fully integrated structural analysis, design, and documentation by developing custom Revit API add-ons, providing software training, and consulting services for firms as they transition to a more fully BIM-centric process.

I appreciate and admire his willingness to write about a topic, that must be a niche among niches, catering to structural engineers. I was also curious about whether a 2014 edition is going to be available, he replied that he's working on the 2014 edition now.

All the best with the book Ken!

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