Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Local File Location

Can a Local File and Central File be in the same folder? Sure.

Revit doesn't really care if a local and central file are in the same folder, as long as Revit doesn't think they are the same file. I do it all the time when I'm doing testing at home. As long as I let Revit create my local file with a unique name it doesn't care where the files are. In a real office setting it doesn't make any sense to put a central file on a workstation. It also doesn't make any sense to put Local files on a server either.

Usually EyeTee wants nothing important on workstation so they can schedule regular backups. The reality is they are getting a backup of the project, the Central File. Local files are nothing more than a "working copy" of the project and they ARE meant to be perishable. If you heed the advice on this blog you are already creating a new local every day or, like me, every time you start work on a project.

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DaveP said...

I have many times treated the Local Copies as backups of the Central.
When someone comes to me and asks if they can get an old version off the backup tape, the first thing I do is a "Show History" to see if anyone has an old Local Copy from around the needed date. Often much faster than retrieving and restoring the backup tape.