Friday, January 17, 2014

Revit and Your Computer Network

Is my Network optimized for Revit? Maybe? A real answer is more than a brief post can cover. These are a few things to avoid.

  • Put Voice over IP (VOIP)on the same server
  • Put Exchange Server (email services) on the same server
  • Put any other resource hungry applications on the same server
  • Assume that because accessing Word and Excel files work great that Revit will be
  • Buy expensive hardware (like Riverbed equipment) without investing in the implementation of it too
  • Ignore server side patches and updates
  • Trivialize computer networking and technology
For example, I've occasionally run into small offices that are using a workstation as their server (peer to peer). This is usually a bit taxing on its resources and the OS of a workstation is not optimized for concurrent users and sharing data as well as a server OS. It can be even worse if that workstation is expected to run Revit too. If that were the case then I'd expect to run into saving and "access" conflicts quite often.

Assuming we're using a real server for Revit project files we can still benefit from putting Revit projects on a dedicated server. Don't make Revit compete with resource hungry applications or, if using a dedicated server, any other applications. That's a recipe for "muffins that won't rise". Hopefully your firm has a great EyeTee admin looking after your computers and Network. If not, then consider changing your current situation soon.


Unknown said...

I highly suggest that people use Revit Server, even for single offices. It will alleviate much of the issues you listed in this post.

Brian Beck said...

Full Gigabit network can make a huge difference as your Project Team and/or file size grows. If you've got a 10Mb bottle neck somewhere staff will complain.