Saturday, April 14, 2012

Workset Posts Summary

I've written about Worksets quite a bit over years. The year the post was written is the first part of each post's description. This s a compiled list of those posts.

Updated: 08/23/2018

Workset Focused: (70)
2005 Take Me to Library
2012 Basic Worksharing Guidelines
2008 Central File in Four Easy Steps
2016 Revit 2017 - Enabling Worksharing
2007 Workset Terminology - Quick Reference
2012 How Many Worksets do I Need?"
2014 Workset Names
2014 View Worksets
2011 Worksets Case of Person is No Longer
2012 Not Editable or Not Edible

2009 Revit 2010 Local Files
2006 Why a Local File?
2011 Don't Ever Work in a Central File
2008 Working in the Central File - Breaking the Rule
2006 Workset Visibility in Linked Files
2010 Workset Visibility in Linked Files
2013 Workset Visibility and Linked Files
2012 Working from Home
2012 Working in the Central File
2012 Why Does my File Name Include the Word Central?

2013 Synchronize with Central and Referencing Elements in Linked Files
2013 Recent Files and Worksharing
2013 Reloading Linked Files and Worksets
2011 Local Files How Often
2010 Can't Create a Local File Clue
2009 Worksharing Monitor are You Using It
2009 Backups Save As Is a Local File
2009 Central File Naming
2006 But I didn't Do Anything, Yes You Did!
2006 Which One STC or STC

2012 Remember the Active Workset
2006 Detach from Central
2008 Workset Save to Central Key Message
2010 Worksets Tip Add Extension
2012 Linked Files have Instance and Type Parameters
2012 Working at Risk
2013 Closing Worksets with Specify
2012 Surprise You are Now the Borrower
2012 Improve Your Borrowing Experience
2012 Revit and Drop Box

2011 The Central File is Being Accessed
2010 Workset Post Updates
2008 Avoid Save to Central
2008 My Username in Revit
2013 Concealing Your Workset Username
2006 Stand Alone or Central File - How Can I Tell?
2012 Are you Red - Worksharing Monitor
2013 Worksharing Display Users
2014 Deleting a Workset and Open Worksets
2014 Active Workset Display does not Refresh

2014 Worksets and Editing Things
2014 Matching Workset Naming with Linked File Worksets
2014 Specify Worksets and Save
2014 Revit 2015 Closing a Workset Linked File Ownership Conflict
2014 Local File Error on Open
2014 Username and Local Files
2014 Our Revit Username and Signing into Autodesk 360
2014 Gray Inactive Worksets
2015 Be Careful Creating Central Files in 2015
2015 Cannot Create a Local File

2015 Withdraw Your Editing Requests
2015 Worksets for the Small Project
2016 R2 - Detach from Central Filename

2016 Detach from Central and Specify Worksets
2016 Worksharing Display-Owners
2016 Revit 2017 - Enabling Worksharing
2016 Create a Local File - How Often
2016 Create New Local is Disabled
2016 Add a Comment using Synchronize and Modify Settings

2018 Remember Linked Files Have Two Workset Parameters

Workset Related: (31)

2018 Cannot Publish Coordinates

2017 Insert From File and a Worksharing File

2016 Worksharing - Loading Content
2016 Worksharing - Loading Content Part 2
2016 A Case for Worksets - Opening Linked Files
2016 Did you Load a Family - Synchronize NOW
2016 Tags Dimensions and Linked Files

2015 Synchronization and Disconnected Systems
2014 Revit Workset Error - Element has been Deleted
2014 Worksharing and Windows Operating Systems
2014 Review Warnings Show and Worksets

2013 Show History and I am Working in Central
2013 Worksets and Project Browser Sorting
2013 Lock Down Shared Coordinates
2013 Show History
2013 Show History and Rogue User Name
2013 Hide Workset Backup Folders

2012 Viewer Mode and Worksharing
2012 Load Classifications and Worksets
2012 Ready Made Selection Sets for Navisworks
2012 Undo History Gone

2011 Point Clouds and Worksets
2011 Delete Workset's Contents

2010 Dept. of Errors Action Caused Deletion

2008 Worksets and Purge Unused
2008 Workset and Hardware Matching
2008 Worksets as a Security Guard
2008 Save and Save to Central Error Message
2008 Local Files and other Workset Thoughts

2007 Visibility of Grips
2007 Quirky Stair Sketch Issue

Collaboration for Revit (C4R) Topics: (1)
2016 Getting Started with Collaboration for Revit (C4R)


goalie dan said...

Steve, Thank you so much for your reference list, dan richardson

iewnihc said...

Steve, have you encountered during construction stage, there's tonnes of request for changes, hence the designer needs to do some modification works to the construction model.

How do you track the changes using worksets? If there are omissions, how do you track that it's deleted? Can the worksets used as a means of tracker? Will it confuse the whole lot?

Interested to know your thoughts on this.

Steve said...

No, worksets are not going to help with tracking changes at all, if anything trying to use them for that will just introduce one more reason something isn't visible.

Changes usually happen external to the model, someone makes a decision. That's what needs to be kept track of decision making. If an element is affected by a decision we could store a comment in the properties of the element. Deleted elements aren't there anymore so storing information in them is undone as soon as it is deleted.

If you're in construction then the process you use to track job development changes is at the top of the hierarchy. Models are just a piece of the much larger puzzle.