Friday, August 17, 2018

Cannot Publish Coordinates

I've run into this with a couple clients recently, this warning message appears:

Quirky work-around warning...
  • Building Model: Make sure you have a Local File for it (I save to my own PC)
  • Site Model: Change the saved path to the Building's Central File to your own Local File instead
  • Site Model: Publish Coordinates
  • Site Model: SwC (should succeed and get a prompt to Save changes to the linked file)
  • Site Model: Close
  • Building Model: Open your existing Local File SwC (passes shared coordinate data to central)
  • Building Model: Close
  • Site Model: Reset the path for the Building to the central location
Any future Publish Coordinates, if necessary, should work after that.

The error message is tied to linked files (DWG) that are actively changing. Revit would notice those links were different than the version it had a record of during a SwC, even though it does not reload links during a SwC. I imagine it takes note of the file date or something high level that defines the DWG in the database. The solution then was to reload those links before using SwC.

I have found since that it has been possible to avoid the warning if any linked DWG files are unloaded prior to using Publish Coordinates. In at least one situation we had to go through the steps above even when there were no DWG's linked/imported. Autodesk documentation says in some cases it can be associated with file corruption.



Brad Strauss said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the workaround, I run into this issue frequently when users have not 'completely relinquished'.

The workflow I recommend is to have everyone Sync > Relinquish All Mine > Then Sync a second time then get out of the files - must be done before attempting to publish coordinates or its too late. It seems that unless you hit Relinquish All Mine, the user hangs onto 'Project Info' in the Worksets.

The second but more disruptive workflow is to disable collaboration by detaching and discarding worksets. This is only an option if worksets are either very simple to reestablish or non-existent since it will delete all worksets. Once worksharing is gone, the issue of owning elements is gone.


Brad Strauss

Steve said...

Thanks, I've tried what you described too and it worked occasionally but only when there were no DWG files linked into any of the related files.

lleud said...

Hi Steve,

The underlying cause of this should be improved with Revit 2019.2, if you refer to the release notes it is mentioned as:

Fixed an issue that prevented the host model from being saved after modification of shared coordinate data.