Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Delete Sheets In Browser or Schedules

Rooms and areas can be deleted in model views like floor plans and ceiling plans. Revit warns us that they have been deleted from the model but they are still listed in schedules. To really delete them we have to open a schedule view and delete them there. That is intended to make it easier to place them elsewhere in the model without having to recreate them from scratch if their current location needs to be changed.

We can also create rooms and areas in a schedule view before there are any walls or boundaries available to define where they should go. Revit just reports "not placed" until we put them somewhere. We can do the same thing with sheets, they are called placeholder sheets.

The contrast or inconsistency compared with rooms and areas is that you can delete the sheet from the Project Browser and it is removed from the sheet list (schedule). It wouldn't be too unexpected to think that deleting the sheet should leave it in the database as a placeholder, kind of like rooms and areas?

Whadya think?


Anonymous said...

This would be bringing consistency, but perpetuate a usability problem, which is to know that there are some form of ghost entities somewhere that only get deleted via a schedule.

How about instead having a Rooms explorer, like you can explore Schedules, Sheets and Families? This way, you could see all rooms of the project without having to list them via a schedule.

It would be a lot easier for new users that way....

Steve said...

A rooms "browser" is just a schedule but presented in a formal dialog instead (if done like the project browser or part of it).

Seems to me that we can already browse all the rooms in a project, just in a schedule view. Same is true for sheets except that we can also delete a sheet from the browser "schedule". That's the inconsistency that confused users recently and prompted the post.

Matthew said...

I think its of dubious value, myself... First off, when you delete a sheet, that usually causes the renumbering of the set. So bringing it back probably would cause more conflicting sheet numbers. Then, what happens to the views you have on the sheets? Do they become available again to be put on other sheets? If so that means the Views would necessarily be taken off the deleted, yet still in the project sheets, so there's effectively no difference between bringing the sheet back vs just creating a new sheet from scratch.