Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wall Floor Interaction and Linked Models

When we have architecture and structure in separate Revit models we end up with somewhat clumsy graphics in wall sections. This is more pronounced if the structural slab is in the structure model only. It could look like this.

The wall continues past the floor as if it isn't there. One possible solution that allows us to keep the structural slab in the separate file and avoids the copy/monitor scenario is to place a Reveal on the interior side of the wall. The profile needs to be equivalent in size to the slab thickness and the wall thickness (inside surface plus however far the slab extends toward the exterior). This approach creates a bit better result.

I should mention that this works the other direction too, since the reveal is part of the wall it will leave a "hollow" space for the structural model's floor slab to occupy.


JB said...

I haven't confirmed it but could you not "cut profile"? It's a little easier to manage than reveals.


Steve said...

Well I could do that if I wanted to do it for every wall section view I put on sheets. That's too much work compared with the reveal approach.

It's not too hard on the inside of the shell walls really...just hide everything else and apply the reveals at the appropriate elevations.

RevitRandomiser said...

This is quite a klunky workaround. The issue is the same when interior walls are linked into a shell model. Revit needs to get better at handling these junctions with linked files.
Managing all the reveals could be a coordination nightmare.

Alex Gore said...

Nice workaround Steve.

Steve said...

I'm sorry Darryl, I'm going to have to ban you for using the word klunky in connection with my work around. If you can behave for three months I'll consider probation. :)

I think the word klunky and work around are synonymous??

It's sure easier than some of the other options though. Not every project envelope will be easy though. Mileage may vary!

Peter Tranberg said...

Note that the Reveal will take out volume in all layers of the wall, even if it's placed in one layer. To discover this, you have to make a schedule with the Volume Field. ADSK is aware of this!


Steve said...

Thanks for the warning.

Marti said...

Wouldn't it be easier and more logic from the construction popint of view to use Consturction Parts and divide the inner layers of the wall and move them to be what they should be?