Thursday, April 19, 2012

Layer Function Setting

System families have a Function setting. That's true for Walls, Floor, Roofs and Ceilings. I've written about this in the past. Here's what they look like now.

I think the wording of a couple of the functions ought to be revisited, to something like this instead.

Finish 1 [4] = Finish Exterior [4]
Finish 2 [5] = Finish Interior [5]

If changed I suspect people would have less trouble deciding which function is appropriate. I run into wall types quite often that have these wrong or inconsistently applied. If you didn't realize this is how it's meant to work then check out the earlier post.


The Revit Kid said...

I completely agree... It took me forever to even see the significance in selected the correct one.

It cannot be that difficult of change to make for Autodesk either.

Matthew said...

I disagree - I think it should be up to the user how these are used. What I really wish for is that Revit would allow users to set up additional Functions which are a lot less ambiguous, with additional indexes for each one to establish a correct join condition.

Steve said...

I'm not proposing replacing the closet, just puttin a different shirt on. What you are suggesting is a much bigger change..

Franck said...

Hello Steve, I agree with you about it! Just a question, I also practice n°4 finish for exterior and n°5 for interior, but for the pure operation of Revit, is there a reason? Franck
Merci !

Steve said...

It isn't my habit, it is how Revit is intended or intends for us to behave, us the settings. Only have to examine the stock content to see this.