Friday, March 30, 2012

Revit 2013 - View References

If this was a snake I'd be writhing on the ground with a snake bite. If you are familiar with Matchlines and their related View Reference concept then you already have a sense of what this can do. You start the View Reference tool with this little sneaky button.

Then you get this on the Ribbon

Choose a view type and then a target view from the list of available views and you get something like this that you can place at the end of your note or possibly inline with some careful spaces inserted.

How about spending Two Minutes with View References?


m.merkel said...

This is great! I don't have 2013 yet, will this work inside a schedule, say for door detail references?

Steve said...

Sorry, not in schedules.

Jonathan Ludwig said...

This could be real useful. Not perfect, but far better than dumb text. Thanks for the tip Steve.

Erik said...


stimmo520 said...

Finally, we can use this for riser diagrams and 3-d view callouts..seems so simple, wonder what took so long?

Anonymous said...

Still a workareound, and way more convoluted than it should be, but it's a start!