Monday, March 05, 2012

Family Discussion at NYC RUG

James Vandezande tweeted last week about a You Tube posting of the New York City Revit User Group. I remember having a microphone but didn't remember that it was recorded. Is it universal that people don't like how they sound on video or recordings? :(

It's using Revit 9.1, yikes! The video runs 1 hour 41 minutes, James introduces me at about 7.5 minutes...I ramble for a bit until about 11 minutes in. This was the precursor to a class I did at Autodesk University in the same year.

Wow, such differences between then and now, only four solids/ swept blend yet. The Design Bar...menus and toolbars.

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Michael Dunn said...

And I remember thinking R9 was a fantastic release that could do most of what I wanted to accomplish!