Thursday, March 08, 2012

Project Browser Interferes with Plotting and Exporting

I'm having a deja vu moment. I feel certain I've written about this before but can't find a post. I even feel like I've recorded a video of it...but again, don't find one. I've been at this too long I think. I've definitely talked about it in class and during support sessions many times, tonight too...which is why I was looking for the post, to echo it. Okay, moving on.

Have you encountered this when you try to print?

Or this when you try to export, the options for file format are disabled?

You've got the Project Browser selected.

You need to change the "focus" of Revit back to the drawing area. They are both "windows" as far as the software is concerned. If the Project Browser is selected then Revit thinks you want to print the Project Browser (or export from it) instead. Just click in the drawing area before you start to print or export.


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Elrond Burrell said...

Ah I often wondered what caused that, thanks!