Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Connecting Parameters in Nested Families

It's a fairly common situation - you create a nested family (child) and load it into a host (parent) but the parameters in the child don't seem to respond to the parents. If you've got kids that's not so shocking? Children not listening to parents?

You've got to "connect the dots" to get it to work. It might seem a bit obtuse but you have to "do the work over" in the host family to be able to flex or fill out a parameter in the nested "child" family. The image below shows a nested Type Parameter getting connected to the host's version.

It isn't necessary to name the parameters exactly the same but it might help keep things straight.

I created a brief VIDEO that points out where this happens plus a little bonus tip on replacing nested content. Don't load the new family, replace and remove the old family...just reload the existing one from the new different version instead. That way you won't forget to remove the unused nested family.


Alex Gore said...

Thanks for this, I see this problem in a lot of models and it makes me really mad.

AB said...

Hey Steve,

Any idea on how to link through a text based shared parameter. EG nested family has a parameter called hand(set to say LEFT).
How can you pass this value to another parameter in the host family, then through to a schedule...Im trying to sort out window handing....

Steve said...

Nope, host rules... type catalog won't even "fire" because of a nested family. The type catalog is named the same as the parent. You'll have to create the equivalent parameter in the host family and push it to the nested family. The selection of the type from the catalog should provide the same result.