Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Revit Family - Solar Light Bulb

Okay, we need a Revit family for this guy's unique solution to lighting!

[Added 3/25/2012] Decided to add the video that Alfredo mentioned in his comment, thanks!


Anonymous said...

Kinda like [url=]these[/url]?
But seriously, wonderful ingenuity. Sometimes solutions are so much more simply than we try to make them. Especially the really good solutions. Thanks for the post Steve!


Troels said...

And at the same time, we are complaining loudly in forums about broken features in our software. I know those issues are not in any way connected, but just it's a good thing to get reminded that there is a world outside of BIM. Thanks for the post!

Alfredo Medina said...


Look at this other amazing use of plastic bottles of soda, to help build homes for low income families in rural zones of some countries of South America: