Thursday, March 01, 2012

Level of Development

James wrote a nice post about this subject. It is seductively easy to simplify the concept to just be equivalent to the design process, you know...SD, DD, CD. While you get a quick acknowledgement, "Oh I see...", it doesn't really explain the intentions of the phrase (acronym LOD). In his post he offers these reference descriptions. He also wrote that he is searching for another description for LOD100.

LOD100 = Interpolated calculations (estimates)
LOD200 = Specify it
LOD300 = Buy it
LOD400 = Build or install it
LOD500 = Operate or maintain it

The first thing that came to mind (based on the list) for LOD100 is "Discuss it".

Check out his post and weigh in.


Brian Payne said...

Good article, but I'm still not in total agreement with LOD500 being "operate or maintain it". A coffee pot that looks like a cube with an attached pdf manual can be operated and maintained, but could never be built. So does a LOD100/200 Revit family automatically become a LOD500 when you attach a pdf? According to E202, LOD500 includes everything before it.

Valkin said...

With that thinking LOD100/200 does become 500 when you add a PDF along with the manufacture's information, the make and model of the components inside the component not just an attached pdf.