Friday, March 09, 2012

Revit Technology Conference Registration

As I mentioned in earlier posts, RTC opened registration early for alumni of the first conference in North America last year. That window and special early bird pricing has ended. It's quite gratifying and a testament to the conference value that the available early bird slots were filled even without the benefit of knowing who would speak or what the schedule was. RTC thanks every person that did so for believing in the conference so convincingly.

Naturally it isn't easy to commit to events without more to go on than, "Hey come join us!" Last week RTC began sending emails to those who are already part of the mailing list. The RTC Linked In group also got their emails. The conference has a faithful and dedicated number of fans already. Despite the large number of people that are already "in the loop" there are many people who are just getting started on their journey who may not be aware of the conference and the opportunity it represents. Please consider passing along the news that registration is open, the schedule is posted and the speakers are listed. It's time to secure a spot, space is limited this year.

Come join RTC this year in Stone Mountain, GA - June 26-28, 2012

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