Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Five Minutes of Roof Sloping

I've posted a five minute (slightly over) video of sloping roofs for two conditions, sloped structure and flat structure with built-up rigid insulation. It demonstrates taking advantage of the Variable setting for roof layers (appropriate for flat structure).

This is the roof form I use in the video, sloping the structure in the larger section and using flat steel in the corners and the "L".

I used the Shape Editing Pick Supports option to define the sloping roof over the sloping structure. I used the Shape Editing Add Split Line feature to slope the roof membrane and insulation in the smaller areas.

You can watch the Video or also at You Tube.


Anonymous said...

it would be nice if we could have sloped structure but also make the insulation variable to create crickets. this would make a much 'cleaner' looking roofline. (i have roof that structure slopes down from end to middle form both sides - long span which requires crickets to ensure drainage vs ponding) Does anyone know how to do this? or still not available

Steve said...

Add another roof for each cricket. Only use the insulation and membrane layer. Your can slope these roofs separately. Use join geometry between roofs so they clean up in section.