Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Elevation Update Update

A comment showed up on my earlier post regarding elevation tags that don't update in stand-alone project files, which reminded me that I never posted this information though I intended to do so.

Steve Faust with Revolution Design let me know back then that the Elevation Fix utility they created is kind of a follow up to your blog post showing the problem. It was developed primarily by Nick Kovach who posted the ‘problem solved’ comment. You can find out more about their solution as well as downloaded at their SITE.

These are the previous three posts (October 2011):
Revit OpEd: Elevation Update Update
Revit OpEd: Elevation Update Update Updated
Revit OpEd: Elevation Tag Update Not Happening


Nick said...

Steve, thanks again for mentioning our Elevation Fix. Steve Faust and I have been busy putting together new bundles of Revit add-ins to try and answer the "Why doesn't Revit do that?" questions we run into every day.

Clearly there are some great Revit tools out there and we try not to reinvent the wheel with our creations!

Nick said...


I was surprised to find that "Wes" has found another way to fix this Elevation issue. In your original post:

Wes made the comment that he opened the file with "audit" selected and that fixed the problem. I tried the same and, yes, it does fix the currently placed elevation tags. After placing new Elevation tags, you will need to run this audit again (just like running the Elevation Fix add-in).

Nice to have another solution to the problem. I still like our Elevation Fix add-in though! ;)