Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Shared Parameter File has no Relationships

I frequently read about or hear questions about this concept that generally assume or expect that there is some inherent (permanent or connected) relationship between a shared parameter file and the use of such a parameter in a project or family.

The shared parameter file has no active relationship (no link, no "xref", no lookup) with your families or projects so there is no risk of someone running off with it, or it getting deleted. The shared parameter file is only used like a "dictionary". We/Revit uses it to "look up" a parameter definition to apply it to a family or project. Thereafter when Revit encounters it in the project it knows what it means. Thus no active connection to the parameter in the file itself.

If someone loses the shared parameter file it is possible to export shared parameters from projects that have them to restore their definition to a new "dictionary". You can read this post to find out how.


Anonymous said...

How do you export the shared parameter in the event of losing it?


Anonymous said...

Yes, how do you export shared parameters? I have a few door families that I assume were made with/from different shared parameter files. The result is even with the identical parameter names and formulas, the parameters will only show up in different columns of the door schedule. I think I have it fixed for my current project, will exporting the shared parameters fix it for future projects?


Steve said...

I explain how to export them in this post: