Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AUGI Survey Says

AUGI has a "curiosity" survey running right now. Visit the site and take a look at the right hand side of the page, scroll down a bit.

The option I need isn't there..."Brochure inside AutoCAD Software Box"... that makes me a bit of an old timer. I first heard about AUGI in the late 90's. I joined a couple years before my first AU and participated in the "Guilds", email based community support network. You sent a question to a guild email address and it got passed on to everyone in the guild and whoever had time, an interest and hopefully the answer responded.

If you are interested in helping AUGI discover how people are finding out about the group, wander over there and check off the one that best fits you.

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Jeff Hanson, Autodesk said...

I can't remember how I came to hear about AUGI, but I do remember the "Guilds". Things have come a long way since then. Thanks for the blast from the past. It makes me feel really old. Maybe I am?