Friday, January 27, 2012

Occupancy Data Application

I've written about the workaround solution for documenting occupancy information in room tags in the past. I've even shared a sample project file based on the work I did for Scott Davis' past firm WLC Architects in 2005 (before he joined Autodesk). Until the API came along we were faced with a semi-inelegant solution that involved manual data entry and checking before plot day. Even after the API nobody really addressed this issue directly, till now...

Rahul Shah (blog: Revit Sticky Notes) works for Wood Bagot in the UK. He responded to a query at AUGI with a promise to write an application to push a calculated value to make Occupancy information taggable. He posted his solution today on his BLOG.

His written instructions on the blog post are:

    NOTE: In order to use this plugin you will have to add "Occupancy Load Factor (as area type)" and "Occupancy Load (as integer type)" shared parameters to your project file and assign them to Room object as Instance. Also, calculated occupany load value is not dynamically linked with other values so if you change room size or occupany load factor then you will have to rerun this tool to update occupancy load value. Please read the Readme.txt file contained in the zip file for more information.


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Brian Payne said...

Scott & WLC...That seems forever ago...problem for me, is that I'm using similar techniques (calculated values) for several fields like number of exits, occupancy signage, etc. The other issue is that key schedule values also can't show in tags. This might be a good fix for some, but ultimately we just need more flexibility in the fields themselves. Glad to see David Conent's survey.