Thursday, January 12, 2012

Revit Quick Tip - Section View Depth

When you create a section view Revit examines the scope of the model you have and decides how deep it should "look" based on this size. Often that's TOO big. With the properties palette it's easy to reset this before you actually open the view, or zooming out a lot to drag the grip back.

Just enter a "better" number, then open the view. You'll still have to fuss with the vertical scope, sorry no parameter exposed for that.


JB said...

Did you know that if your section is a building section, your vertical extents will go the entire height of the building by default, vs a detail will go an undetermined smaller amount?
That's one way to save time. Of course you can change the view type after it is created.

Anonymous said...


I currently came across with some issues from one of the users at the office and I think it is worth mentioning that "Far Clip Offset" occurs on elevation views too. Often time it will create a DEPTH too deep for interior elevations.
So, it is good to check that as well.

Philip @ Lake Flato Architects

Darren Snook said...

A way I've found around this is to put a section in initially as a Detail View. This cuts a more sensible extent, ast he standard section seems to 'punch' through until it finds fresh air. You can then change it back to a standard section through type properties. It will still initially show in the project browser as a detail view, but when you STC, it will correct itself

Jimbooooo36 said...

Brilliant, thank you very much for your help, this has been bugging me for ages! :-)