Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Basic Worksharing Guidelines

I wrote this document five years ago (I should revisit some of it). I posted it primarily because I wanted to play around with the Box feature to embed hosted documents after seeing it used on Jay's blog yesterday, he posted a 13 page document on organizing the project browser. I remember reading when Box added it a year or so ago and thought it was cool. I promptly forgot about it afterward. Naturally seeing it on his blog was a strong reminder!

Decided to add a few comments, until I get around to rewriting it:

The recommendation to add the word "central" to a central file name is outdated, it isn't really necessary anymore. The same thing is true for the recommendation to use Copy/Paste to create a local file. Revit has adjusted the process to make this fragile process a bit more obvious and easy. Recent releases have seen the addition of better alerts to each other regarding file status and borrowing elements, through Worksharing Monitor and new graphical workset display options. Last, for now, the language has changed from Saving to Central to the more obvious Synchronize with Central.

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