Friday, January 06, 2012

Blogging in the Future

I wrote something intending to post it on Tuesday next week. I occasionally get inspired to write several posts ahead of time and stack them up. Then I can coast for a few days... A fair number of bloggers read this blog too so I thought I pass along a "bug" "tip".

If you accidentally post something like I did this afternoon it will show up immediately (no bug). If you just go change the date it will look like it was posted in the future! (also no bug). With Blogger you need to "un-publish" it using the relatively new "Revert to Draft" button. That will take it back off your blog page. Unfortunately it will still probably get picked up by .rss feeds or other sites that automatically post new stuff via similar technology (maybe they just use feeds too?).

So there's no bug...except for hasty button pushing. ;) Sadly, I've done this more than a few times since I started blogging. Best advice? Go near the Publish button slowly, triple check before pushing.


Erik said...

Appreciated tip

Valkin said...

Steve I've done the same thing post things before they're ready, I've gotten into the habit of setting up a schedule when the post is to be posted in the future, first. usually I set it about a month a way then, when the post is really ready I update the schedule.