Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Curtain Wall Panel - Edit in Place

You can edit a system panel in place. Yes that means you can select a curtain wall's system panel like Glass or Solid and then Edit-in-Place. Do you have a quirky design situation somewhere on your curtain wall and want to just make the change right there without creating a new panel family and loading and swapping? You can!

  • Select the panel (unpin if defined by the CW type)
  • Click Edit in Place

  • You'll find you are in Sketch Mode
  • Select and edit the solid form for glass/solid or
  • Create another form/void to design the custom panel
  • Assign Sub-category(ies)
  • Assign Material(s)
  • Finish the modelling
  • Finish the in-place editing

et Voila!

Not the right solution for multiple versions of this but when one (or a few) is all you are dealing with, not bad?!


dermot said...

Thanks Steve
That helped me a bit along the way to understanding Revit Curtain walls(panels anyhow)
But how did you make the mullion into the dog leg shape you show on your diagram
I cna now edit the panels well but the members of the custom wall are still a abit of a mistery

Steve said...

Added a short video discussing what I did.

Alfredo Medina said...

Hey, Steve, this is very cool. I had noticed that a panel could be edited in place. Thanks, as always!

Alfredo Medina said...

Steve, I already used this tip that I learned from you. Look at this thread in Augi: