Thursday, August 11, 2011

Point Clouds and Worksets

From the Autodesk Wiki Help site for Revit, regarding using point cloud data and worksharing:

...snip (bold emphasis is mine)
Using point clouds in a worksharing environment: To improve performance and reduce network traffic, the recommended workflow for users who need to work with the same point cloud files is to copy the files locally. As long as the relative path to the local copies of the point cloud files is the same for each user, the link will remain valid when you synchronize with Central. The relative path is displayed as the Saved Path in the Manage Links dialog and is relative to the Point Cloud Root Path specified on the File Locations tab of the Options dialog.

Said another way, put copies of the point cloud files in the same place as your local files. Have each team member do the same thing, same "place", so they'll seem to be in the same location for each person's local file.

For example if you put your local files in a folder like this one:


Then put the point cloud files here too.

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