Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dept. of Secret Sauce - Level Dragging Behavior

This is an echo of Ryan Duell's contribution to the The Revit Clinic this morning. Too subtle and tasty to pass up the echo...(extra credit/thanks to Steve Bianco for the background data to post the article)

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You try to drag a level and find that it "snaps" back to some preferred spot in the view, say an elevation. It boils down to this:
    This occurs related to the shape and orientation of the specific Level. Because a Level in Revit is actually a rectangular plane, if a Level is added in a view [such as a section or elevation] not parallel to the N/S or E/W axis, Revit is essentially looking at a rotated rectangle in other views.
They provided this nice image to help explain what's happening. I've experienced this a couple times recently. I got past it by turning snaps off temporarily (keyboard shortcut "SO"). In my case there was a point cloud providing way too many things to snap to.

They also created a video to see it in action.

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