Monday, August 01, 2011

Massing a Property Boundary

I read a thread at last week that asked about seeing a property boundary in section views. Property Lines in Revit are just 2D so they don't show up, thus the question. It occurred to me as I read it that massing might fit the bill.

I started with a property boundary using the Property Line tool since it works nicely for that purpose otherwise. I used that as the "control" for the massing form.

Using an in-place mass family I sketched around the property boundary and used a parameter to manage an "offset", just in case I need to push/pull the massing edge. After I created a form from the sketch I did the same to control the top sketch with a separate parameter so I could potentially push/pull it too.

Now this will appear in a section view.

Taken a step further I added a void to remove the portion of the property mass that is "buildable" according to setback parameters. The design had better fit inside that "hole"!

Here's what the Parameters I used are.

I used a Massing sub-category to manage what the massing looked like, line pattern and color, so it would be easier to distinguish as a property boundary...hopefully.

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