Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Family Type Parameter Gotcha

Two quick items:

Item 1: When you try to create a parameter using the Type of Parameter: Family Type...

you have to choose a category.

If you don't have the family you intend to connect this parameter to yet Revit asks you if you want to load one now.

If you choose Yes you get to go find it and load it. If you choose No Revit bails out and doesn't finish creating the parameter.

Silly. Let me create my parameters please, I can load the other stuff whenever I'm ready.

Item Two: Revit 2012 offers a export option to create a Type Catalog from your existing family content. Just open a family and using the Application Menu > Export > Family Types (remember to scroll down to the bottom).

Bummer though...it doesn't work for the Type of Parameter: Family Types... Thanks to Aaron Maller and RevitForum.org for the heads up on this one!


Aaron Maller said...

"As intended behavior, according to Support. We need to explain to them how vital this is that Family Type parameters work in the Export for Type Catalogs. After all, they work in Type Catalogs just fine if you build them manually!

Unknown said...

I got a bit of help with exactly how to build a family type parameter into a type catalogue over at AUGI: http://forums.augi.com/showthread.php?149008-Any-way-to-specify-the-nested-type-in-a-Type-Catalogue&p=1225944#post1225944