Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Revit Electrical Productivity Pack

CTC (CAD Technology Center) teamed up with LHB, the company that Daniel Stine works with, to develop their new offering, a packaged focused on helping a firm bring their electrical engineering process using Revit up to speed quickly.

From their site...


The template includes many features such as schedules (light fixture, equipment, cost estimating, etc.), legends, sheets, titleblocks and more. The content utilizes shared parameters and contains actual electrical information. When content is placed the appropriate schedules begin to populate; for example, lighting fixtures have information on lens type, number of lamps, ballast, manufacturer, etc... The template also has a Meter Schedule for documenting LEED projects.

This product contains nearly all of the content needed by electrical engineers to create electrical systems that work within Revit MEP. The Electrical Productivity Pack enables you to pass the flow of electrical data from outside of the building, to the inside and throughout. The included content has consistent parameters that enable accurate data transfer of electrical information between equipment and devices.

They provided an overview in a video (13 minutes) on their site (hosted at You Tube).

The site lists the package at a site-license price of $1,495.00

If this package helps you skip right past the implementation phase of Revit adoption that price seems pretty reasonable compared with building it all from scratch yourself. Even if it falls short in some areas it could be a solid head start? Worth a closer look! Click to DOWNLOAD a PDF Table of contents for the included User Guide documentation. Download a brochure if you want too.


Electrical Training Courses said...

This is a really great info and I have to agree with you. This is definitely a reasonable price.

Siddharth said...

We have a new version of the productivity pack now available!