Friday, November 01, 2013

Finishing Text

I read a post at AUGI tonight that mentioned using the Modify button on the ribbon to finish typing or editing text. The intended technique to finish typing text is to click out side the text box. If you look at the Status Bar when you are typing text you should see this instruction: "Edit the text and click anywhere in the view to finish editing".

In my opinion "anywhere" isn't accurate, technically you have to click anywhere but within the text box. I think it's more accurate to say, "click outside or away from the text to finish".

The complaint in the post was that using the Modify button sometimes results in the text vanishing. It is still there but not visible until you manage to select it again or refresh the view or do something else that refreshes the view. I find that the text vanishes IF I am creating the text and click Modify. If I just edit existing text the text doesn't disappear when I click Modify to finish.

I don't think clicking Modify is "intended" behavior or that it is supposed to properly finish editing the text. It does work if we've begun typing some text, or edit some text. If we've only clicked on screen and then click on Modify the "empty" text box is not left behind. A similar result will occur if I just start another command like Wall, or Door. My observations are based on using Revit 2014.

I'm sticking with the intended " away from text to finish...".


Wes said...

As a long time Mac user, I have always been impressed by the MacOS handling of the difference between "Enter" and "Return" keys. If you hit return while editing text, you get a carriage return, and if you hit enter, it "enters" the value and exits the text edit. Small details are what I miss - maybe the factory will figure out a way to differentiate between those two keys?

daveedwards said...

I was wondering when they'd implement the Ctrl-Enter keystroke to end text.