Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Project Version Wish

You may have experienced this too, maybe just once or forty times. I received a file to look over and it's not obvious which version of Revit it was created in. Naturally by the time I got a chance to look at it I couldn't just ask. The file name doesn't give me a clue. Some firms include a version designation in the project file name, for example "1234 Our Big Project-A-13.rvt". The "13" tells me that its a Revit 2013 file. There are plenty of annoying things in life, waiting for a Revit project to upgrade unnecessarily because I don't know what version it was created in is a drag.

Recently a tip was offered (but I can't remember who or where I read it, sorry) that you can use Show History on a project file instead of fully opening it. It helps you catch when you are attempting to open a project in a older version of Revit than the file was created with. It does not help with an older file being opened with a newer version though. Sadly I didn't remember this tip (even though it wouldn't have helped) until I got the dreaded "This is a one time upgrade process" message. Nuts!

I've got a couple wishes. First I'd love it if Revit would store a value in the file properties that indicates Revit version. Second I'd love for Revit to ask first, "Do You WANT to UPGRADE? and a "NO, NOOOO, please on all things holy NOOOO" button.


Valkin said...

The NO button would be great.
But the properties of what version would be even greater.

tchuffart said...

It would be also nice to have the option to discharge the linked file BEFORE upgrading.
It is actually a nonsense to upgrade linked files (specially central files) because you'll have to upgrade them manually afterwards, it is not possible to save them after upgrading the main revit file.
Just imagine an option saying 'this revit file contains xx linked files. Would you like to discharge them before converting ?

my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Do you find Autodesk responsive to this type of comments?
You had a blog about their latest wikihelp and there are comments on that site that the videos don't work. Nothing has been addressed.
You know why? because the users always come back and don't flex their muscles with Autodesk.
You will see it in the coming Autodesk University. A lot of people will be there.

Steve said...

Responsive? What defines responsive? If they do something I write about in the next release that is very responsive, given their life cycle of development in software. If it goes in their list of things people wish they had then it is also responsive, just not tangible to me.

I don't worry about it too much There are many more users than programmers and designers at Autodesk, always will be. That means more wishes than wish granters.

I write because I want to, maybe they'll learn to just do everything I ask for. :) Either way I got to vent. I know some people at Autodesk visit the blog when they have time so I know that I get heard now and then.

If I want to be more formal I can always submit a feature request or problem report through support.

DaveP said...

I'll take credit for the "Show History" tip:

I also posted a Wish List along the liens of tchuffart's idea:

But, yeah at a MINIMUM, ask me if I really want to update!

harry mattison said...

Hi Steve,

Boost Your BIM is always happy to be responsive to customer suggestions! Please take a look at


Steve said...

Thanks for the comments, I'll check out the app. I got a message that we can open a RVT file with notepad and search for the build info. I never tried to open a file with anything but Revit! Going to check it out later too.

Steve said...

Fwiw, I tried the open file in notepad, it took an age just to get it to not much of an alternative.

Unknown said...

As I'm sure many of you have already discovered (but some may not have) Harr yMattison has released an addin to 'fix' this problem: