Friday, November 08, 2013

Project Version Wish Revisited

Blogging, twitter and otherwise working "on the line" is cool!! I complained in a blog post just two days ago about not knowing the version of a Revit project file. Sean Burke via Twitter suggested the API might be harnessed to provide a solution, specifically tagging Harry of Boost Your BIM. Harry took up the challenge and within a few hours provided a solution and a video to demonstrate how cool working with the Revit API can be (yes Harry is cool too).

Here's the video he shared via his Blog Post response.

Harry's solution looks great and I'm off to download it!! Of course this means I'll have to whine on my blog more often.


Valkin said...

Steve it looks like you should whine more when results like this occur

Anonymous said...

S, where can I download this soon to be add-in of the year?

Steve said...

Harry shared it via his udemy course. You get it as part of the dataset for the class if you take it. He may make it available at the Autodesk Exchange but you'll have to check with him to be sure.