Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Order of Nested Families in Drop Down Lists

When we use nested families and use the data type to switch between different nested families we often encounter the annoying sorting habits of Revit. For doors this can mean that we get a list of panel choices that could look like E,A,B,D,C,F, and G. For shared nested families it matters how they get loaded into a project.

I find I get predictable results if I load the nested panels into a project first and then load the host doors. I also need to load all the panels in together, at once, not a few at a time. If I don't I find they get jumbled in the list box. If I behave then Revit puts the panels in alphabetical order in the drop down list when I want to swap out a panel later. This is easy to sort out if we are starting a project. If we need a new panel type during a project then we'll probably have to live with the new panel ending up in a strange place in the list.

Fussy Fussy Revit.


Rob Valenti said...

Steve, while I have not yet encountered the problem discussed above, I like your phrase, "If I behave..." I am trying to find the right balance of (attempted) dominance over and (accepted) submission to Revit. It's helpful to see that even experts find Revit to be "fussy."

Steve said...

It isn't possible to become a so called expert without realizing it is fussy. ;)