Thursday, October 31, 2013

Revit 2014 Web Update 2

Revit tells me there is a new update available. At first when I clicked on the link it reported web update 1. Well I checked again and it seems to be working now. Here are some links so you don't have to wait to get told via Revit communication center (especially if it is off for you).

Revit 2014 Update 2 Links
Revit 2014 (Onebox)
Revit Architecture 2014
Revit Structure 2014
Revit MEP 2014


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update notice. It fixed our Revit Server 2014 file linking issue.

David Butts said...

gracias, compadre...I just got update 1 loaded...

Matthew said...

FYI, the Readme doesn't specify what's actually been fixed in this release. However, I received an email from Autodesk specifying UR2 enhances a few things for Cloud Rendering:

• Improves performance when utilizing Render in Cloud functionality.

• Improves appearance of material textures when Rendering in Cloud.

• Improves graphics integrity of linked models when Rendering in Cloud.

Jason Bailly said...

UR2 is legit, just has not made it to the product support page yet.
The Cloud Render email was referring to Revit 2013. I thought this was odd as well since there was no mention of that as an improvement/enhancement when 2013 UR3 came out. :-S

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, Thanks for your announcement but why Autodesk did'nt it ?
is it l├ęgitimate and what news ?
Thank you for all !

Steve said...

It is legitimate. I provided shortcut links to downloading the updates. The Communication Center in Revit should let you know that an update is available. Autodesk made it possible to download the update before they got the website prepared fully so people that needed it could get it right away. Add to the confusion that Revit is located under the Building Design Suite for its update and RAC, RST and RME have their own on their own support pages.