Monday, November 04, 2013

Change a Level Association for a Room

I read a wish at AUGI asking to be able to change the associated level of a room via the Properties Palette. My initial reaction was, "Yeah I can see that".

As I thought about it a bit more I believe that the process has been limited to using Delete and then placing the room again or using Cut to Clipboard and then using Paste elsewhere because simply changing the level relationship in properties does not ensure that Revit or the room will find boundaries.

If there are no boundaries to be found Revit would generate a warning and the room would have a record against it in Review Warnings. To resolve that the room would either have to be re-positioned or walls would need to be created to provide the boundaries. If we compare that effort with deleting the room from a plan view and placing it again on a different level it doesn't seem like much difference to me.

In general I think it would be nice to have more flexibility to alter element properties via the properties palette. The context we often need to appreciate how they work in the model may not be represented by a list in the palette though. Changing the value might be easier but it might not be less work overall.

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