Monday, November 25, 2013

Keynotes By Keynote vs By Sheet

If the choice is a little confusing perhaps the following explanation will help a little?

By Keynote uses the number of the keynote based on your keynote file.

This means a sheet can show keynote value like: 101, 204, 302, 601 etc. These aren't "sequential" in that there are gaps between numbers based on keynotes that exist but not used in any views on the sheet. This can result in questions from a contractor like: "Are keynotes 102-203 missing?" This approach also works best when you really want a keynote "number" to be consistent with another reference document, like specifications (CSI numbers).

By Sheet requires the view with keynotes to be on a sheet to receive a number.

This allows keynote values visible on a sheet to be sequential, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. If a keynote tag is empty then that view has not been placed on a sheet yet in order to determine what number it should receive. This also means that a keynote for Gypsum Wall Board may be numbered "3" on one sheet and "15" on another, all depending on how many other elements have keynotes applied. This approach reduces the likelihood that a contractor will ask about "missing" keynote values. This works best when it is more important to provide sequential numbering unique to each sheet.

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Chad said...

I worked for an integrated firm (GC/Arch) and our field guys preferred to have items keynoted the same from sheet to sheet, even if it meant numbers were skipped. Gyp Bd having different numbers made things confusing for the field.