Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Press and Drag

The Autodesk blog "Inside the Factory" is asking about the Press and Drag option. Using this software for as long as I have I'm quite unhappy when the option is off. Maybe it's minor or strange, and to some irksome or even dangerous, but I'm very used to and happy to use it. So far the comments on their post seem to be running in favor of removing or "blunting" it somehow. According to one comment, I'm nuts for using or liking it.

The only time I get frustrated with it is with linked files. Revit's odd preference for "seeing" and therefore selecting linked elements over the native elements is something that ought to be fixed instead. Removing the Press and Drag feature should not come as a result of other issues.

I find it interesting that people who normally count clicks are "happy" to add more clicks for this item. I use press and drag for so many things, dimensions, text, tags, equipment, duct/pipe runs, walls, doors/windows, viewports on sheets, practically everything at some point. When things need to be precise it isn't the correct approach but so much of what we do during design and documentation can be adjusted more readily with it on.

    My vote is leave "my" Press and Drag alone.

If people don't want to use it, that's what the check box is for and it can be preset to "off" via the Revit.ini file already. Don't like it, don't use it, please don't make my choice for me.


The Revit Kid said...

I agree. For someone who has used the program for a long time the press and drag has become second nature for many tasks. I have noticed some new users that "accidentally" use it from time to time... If we remove every function that new users "accidentally" use then there would be nothing left!

reh said...

I also agree; I find going back to other programs that don't have a similar feature to be quite cumbersome to use *cough*AutoCAD*cough*. Perhaps there should be an "Expert" mode a la 3DSMAX??

MJ said...

I was extremely excited to see the initial Inside the Factory post, I had just inadvertantly unselected the checkbox for the setting and couldn't remember how to change it back. I was unhappy indeed! The timing of the post was perfect.

I second your vote to leave Press and Drag alone. I'm much more productive with the setting turned on. One click is better than two.

Unknown said...

Right there with you Steve. Revit Power Users unite!

P. Lawton said...

"Don't like it, don't use it, please don't make my choice for me." - Please note that this cuts both ways, kind sir.

The question from Mr. E. seems to be "What should the OOTB state be?". My inital vote was to leave it unchecked by default, but that opinion stems from the fact that we (Revit MEP) very often select the architect's model, (or some invisible boundary of a piece of equipment), by mistake - then we have to wait for a regen, undo, and try to re-select.

Howver, I think I may agree with your point that this problem can/should be fixed in another way - perhaps enhancing the power of 'pinning' objects, such that anything pinned cannot be selected. Then I can pin equipment and linked entities, they won't move, and I can't accidentally select them.

Thanks for making me think about this one.

seandburke said...

We set the Revit.ini with it unchecked, however those that like/rely on it to be productive understand how to enable the checkbox when and if needed.

If a future version defaults as unchecked, and the functionality does not change, then deploying new versions is slightly easier.